Why Choose Görünüm Tasarım ?

  • Experienced

We are a diverse team of highly qualified, experienced and energetic technologists consisting of designers, programmers, network specialists who have international experience and latest technological know-how. All of our team members are experienced on similar projects. Please refer to our resumes and the portfolio of our team.

  • International Standards

In each task we do we follow internationally accepted tools, procedures and the concepts. Web 2.0, XHTML, IBM Web Style Guidelines and W3C Web Standards are the examples of the standards we follow.|

  • Highly educated team

Our teams of technologists’ are accredited with international qualifications from European and American institutions.

  • Reliability, Consistency and Quality

We believe that our clients deserve to be satisfied at all costs with quality assured standards in meeting all of their business needs. We have done similar projects before so we have pretty good procedures doing these kinds of projects.

  • Collaborative Networks

We believe so much in collaboration, as a result we maintain a very healthy relationship with our business and university partners.

  • No Barrier for Dedicated Project Team

We can dedicate our 100% on this project. We maintain consistent project development schedule.

  • Open Architecture, Open Source, No Vendor Lock-In

The architecture and main core code we use is open to everyone for development and being developed by thousands of developers around the world. This guarantees the quality.

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