Flash Design

flash-designRich-looking and audio ad technology!

The ad's purpose, service or product the right way, the most memorable and is clearly shown in the highlight.

What is Flash Design?

Flash Design, enriched with graphics and animations, sound and imagery is a form of a design has come to the fore.

Flash Designs, visitors visually rich, interactive and offers an impressive design.

Why Flash Design?

Web sites with Flash Designs is becoming more visual and more engaging. Web pages designed with Flash technology caught the attention of visitors and thereby increases the prestige of your company.

This increase has a positive impact on sales.

What can be done with Flash?

The real question is what should be here with flash. Flash technology can be designed with everything you can imagine, the view that design to achieve your dreams here at your service.

Flash' s Advantages

Flash designs that you can take your mind with all kinds of video players, animation, moving images, buttons, photo galleries, etc ... most applications can be made.

Flash designs, and other structures according to the Web site covers many places. The disadvantage is that many companies we do not do (not do) with Flash using XML technology with the advantages translate into. Your Web site as other sites provide a fast opening.

Flash Designs only disadvantage, by the search engine performance is lower.

However, the HTML engine used in conjunction with Flash design if we can resolve this deficiency.

Flash Web Site Design Examples

They are examples of Web sites with Flash by click here you can review.

Dynamic Flash Designs

All prepared in a Web site Flash request can be made dynamic. As previously mentioned XML, PHP or notebook using the simplest example, the Web site that you can update your language constantly.

Appropriate Pricing

Prices vary depending on the structure of the project. Please contact us by filling out the Contact Form.

We offers best price and highest quality will draw our understanding, let's give the most accurate service.

Flash Ad

Undoubtedly, advertising tools on the Web in the top position in the ad are made with Flash technology.

The ad's purpose, service or product the right way, the most memorable and is clearly shown in the highlight.

Only a fixed image with the attention of anyone not ads shown. Within your Web site will be lost.

However, flash banner (animated images) and the attention of people in the ads that your ad will receive the rights.

For example, if necessary, regardless of what the Bank into any one of the Web site the first thing you will see the homepage at this time are the moving image. Flash technology is tailored for ad presentation.

The following examples will be able to feel the differences in the search.

Flash Banner Placement


Flash Banner Price List

Banner Type 1 Piece 5 Pieces + 10 Pieces +
Standard * $166 $150 $135

Interactive *

(Rollover, Ad corner, floating etc.)

$200 $175 $150

XML * (Dynamic)

$250 $225 $200
Google Adwords * (6 pieces) $450 $400 $350
* Prices are the same for all sizes.

Flash Banner Samples




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