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Size en kaliteli hizmeti vermekte ısrarcıyız.

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We insist on providing the highest quality services. "Web site the cheapest advertising method "

Company field name registration, server hosting and traffic (unlimited space and traffic)

  • Domain name extension, e-mail accounts
  • Any number of e- mail users SI
  • Web over the entire
  • Mobile over the entire
  • Outlook compatible
  • 7 GB space capacity
  • Spam and virus filtering
  • Keep the e-mail chat correspond
  • Shared calendar use
  • File sharing
  • Change Capture
  • Access control
  • Advanced search
  • Archiving
  • Advanced search

Company employees, or Internet users as you wish larınıza e- mail address can be opened, whether the necessary guidance, teamwork can do.

E-mail to your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone etc. You can reach easily from your mobile phone. Emails on your mobile as SMS will come, get your news instantly.

7Gb with quota limits, just to fill your inbox so important to your hard disk or to delete e-mail archiving (PST) does not need.

You can continue to use Outlook desktop application.

Spam, viruses, protects you against such threats.

Google Talk automatically correspond to the next can save your e-mail.

Also, voice e-mail feature is also available.

Meetings and company events with the calendar application, easy way to share.

More than one user at a time of above documents to work (word, excel etc.) spreadsheets on the collaborators.

When a document is created in different versions, follow, compare and go back to an older version if needed. Follow the updates made in real time.

Confidential information, documents and URLs to apply access control to people with visual or regulation easier to limit ca.

Archiving with optional package provides up to 10 years unlimited archiving.

Corporate communication technologies

Content Management System

Latest technology, software

Maintenance and support services.

HTML5 Banner

We offers professional web design and best solutions for your company in north cyprus.

Web Designsweb-design

creative design, marketing strategies, technology integration, ...

Every business requirements, within the state and market share depends. Internet competition is brutal, so work appropriate to the nature of design, programming, site availability, regulating the content programs and customer relationship management, taking into account, created the site's target audience in the best way to reach and market share expansion should be aimed.

If your site is located just on the internet is, does not mean that you will provide a benefit.

Internet site a lot of time in the way of introducing yourself to your potential customers and therefore may be the first or the only way your company can be evaluated only on the Internet with your image.

Most likely you coming to your site or an Internet user in your site web site that has the same field with other firms will encounter. Internet use become common in a sitting justice is this: a strong company has a professionally designed site or a professionally designed site, a company owner, is a strong company.


Although these ideas always reflect the reality that an Internet friend from you or your company before him, will meet with your Web site, professionally crafted site remained in the dilemma every time a potential customer you will attract to you.

The first step in creating your site, the following questions will be answered after you begin:

  • Will use the site for what purpose? (To reach a new customer base with customers to provide faster and easier communication, providing information about services, ...)
  • Site content, or change how often you will be changed? For this operation, personnel and / or resources are going to take?
  • Site to take place in a product that you want Do you have a catalog?
  • On-line Do you take orders?
  • On-line sales are going to do?
  • For you site's image quality will be in the foreground, or company / product presentation mı?
  • to provide a flow of visitors to your site can include text, document, document Do you have?



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Sektörünüzdeki en şık ve zengin görünüme sahip olun, rakiplerinize fark atın.


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