Internet e-commerce solutions for your businessoscommerce

Gorunum Tasarim, e-commerce over the Internet within the framework of consultation on the promotion of shopping opportunities are given full support.

e-commerce system functions

e-Shop functions

  • Client account
  • Customer information (address list, order history)
  • Order single-stage completion, functional basket system and manager, member and non-member follow-up of customer orders
  • Product and / or do a search in the catalog according to the manufacturer can
  • Customer by scoring (rating) system
  • E-mail notification and authentication
  • Open order tracking
  • Reliable transfer using SSL, your credit card payment functions
  • Number of products in various categories of indicators
  • Inventory tracking
  • Best sellers list
  • By customers of the products most popular indicator

Management functions

  • The site's new design (aesthetics and visuals can be as easy to manage)
  • Multiple language options
  • Product and customer statistics
  • Tax, payment, currency and price category pricing system
  • Automatic update of the registered parameters (collective price updates, etc..)
  • Product catalog and management departments in different servers (server) can be given
  • Many functions and order sending payment module
  • Rates of adjustment and currency conversion manually or automatically adjusted to $ or euro etc...
  • Additional management and monitoring programs (Data security, banner ad management, online catalog management and sending)


Additional management functions

  • Category listing products that are not
  • Image magnification
  • Product categories restructuring
  • Manufacturers List
  • Currency converter
  • Installment payment functions
  • Billing and document delivery arrangements
  • Statistical functions
  • Special products and prices to the members showing
  • Other product recommendations

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