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social-mediaAre you utilizing Social Media Optimization techniques to the best of your ability?

Social media is a new breed of online media that uses the internet to create a constant, ongoing conversation among internet users all over the world.

Every day it seems like new social media avenues are popping up, or those that are already established are finding new ways to connect peers.

Companies that implement social media optimization techniques into their game plan for search engine marketing and optimization are those that will get the most out of their online website presences.

Here are some of the unique social media outlets that can significantly boost your Web site’s capabilities of reaching customers and potential customers online.

TwitterTwitter is a unique social media website that allows you to post small pieces of content like a news feed or RSS feed. People are using Twitter to communicate with one another in small amounts, by sharing small descriptions of what they are doing, where they are going, and so on and so forth. Companies and online businesses are using Twitter to share information about their companies, blogs and Web sites much in the same way and easy way to share the news with everyone following your Twitter feed without having to send out newsletters, or post the news elsewhere on the internet.

DiggDigg is one of the more popular social media websites. Digg allows people to share news stories, Web sites and other media that they find online with the world by posting it to their Digg accounts. Then other users of the website are allowed to decide whether or not they want to “Digg” the posted media, which means that they enjoyed it and want to pass it on. The more times a specific article receives a “Digg”, the more popular it will become on the website. Featured Digg media can score thousands of additional visits, garnering more and more “Digg” ratings until the media or news article in question becomes viral.

StumbleUponStumbleUpon is a social media site that is similar in nature to Digg, but offers a slightly different format. People who use the site, known as Stumblers, browse the internet using a unique toolbar, and click “Stumble” when they find a site that they feel is worth sharing. Once a site has been stumbled upon, other users can review the Web site and leave comments to share their opinions. By having your site Stumbled, you can reach out to brand new target markets and potential customers.

MySpace and Facebook – These are social networking sites. Creating a profile on Myspace or Facebook allows you to create an additional Web presence online, reaching out to new customers and target markets better than ever before. By creating a profile, you can facilitate communication with new potential customers, which is what social media is essentially all about.

This list is not exhaustive by any means. The number of social media and social networking Web sites available online is growing constantly.

Social media and social networking sites are springing up all over, many of which are focused directly on specific niches and industries, meaning there are an endless supply of avenues for you to explore when it comes to marketing yourself and your company in the social media world.

The more you inject yourself into the social media world, and the more you bring the social media world into your company, the more you will benefit from this unique form of advertising and marketing.

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