Mobile Application Development

ITKnowledge and expertise in long-term success depends on your Mobile Applications.

Experiencing the digital revolution, social media is integrated with the mobile world today

according to the strategies of our young people taking part on the ios and android, close to a wide audience with high purchasing power and technology who want to focus on our customers' projects from the idea stage to perform.

Whether individual or institutional as much as we can get the high cost of iPhone projects with hundreds of local and highly trained human resources to achieve the minimum project budget.
Our professionals, international standards, software development method and you are trying to give our customers more.

kktc mobil uygulamaMobile Application in your projects

* 100% Human Resource
* 24 × 7 problem-free customer support
* Communication Şefaflık
* 100% Flexibility
* daily updates on your projects
* The App Store for you to publish

We produce solutions for iPhone
* Promotion Advertising & Marketing
* Individual Creative Ideas
* Corporate Needs
* Social Media Integration


Unlimited Technical Opportunity
* Facebook Integration
* Push to talk with Notification
* XML and JSON Web Services
* SQL Database Applications
* GPS and Map-Based
* Location ApplicationsCompany and Corporate Presentation Applications Practices for the presentation of your company and brand positioning, as well as applications of the product catalog, Booking Application, Industry Applications have been developing. iPhone & Android App
Android and iPhone App developing tailor-enabled blogs. Feedburner account, or XML feeds on your blog Webstat are integrated with all the data. In addition, Twitter account, and optional access to the latest Tweetlerinize üzerinden'de Facebook integration with the mobile and tablet devicesyou can follow your users. Application of the Nearest Store Finder
* You determine your position on the current
* Map showing your nearest store branch
* Alternatives to sort by distance
* Estimated to show the distance in kilometers


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