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Unlimited Web Hosting

There is a really high competition between Web hosting companies, so they every time coming out with new hosting plans and service offers to get new customers or keep the existing clients. One of the most usually things you can remark at each web hosting company. Most of them offer Unlimited Hosting. This is a very attractive offer, and users can benefits from.

What is unlimited web hosting?

Most of web hosting plans come with unlimited data transfer and unlimited web space, some companies allow to host unlimited Web sites on the same account, and unlimited MySQL databases as well.

The Unlimited Plan is the most popular hosting package today because this offer a wide range of possibilities for each internet user, and everyone can make a website fast and easy on their own hosting account. The unlimited hosting is also affordable, you can find a good unlimited web hosting plan for only $7.95 per month. How can companies offer unlimited hosting resources for as low price? They are using shared hosting accounts for those plans, that permit to reduce the service costs.

What is shared web hosting?

The shared hosting plan is the most common in the industry. Shared web hosting is the cheapest and most affordable hosting service, because the cost of this type of hosting service is around $7.95 for each month.

The strategy is simple: Hosting companies host several Web sites and accounts on the same server, using the same disk space and bandwidth, IP address and same CPU as well. Many hosting companies push more sites on one server to get highest profit, and sometimes all Web sites are closed down. If you choose a reliable web hosting company, listed on our Web site, you will not see such a trouble.

The shared accounts usually are used for those Web sites, that don’t have such a big traffic, like Bing, Yahoo, Google or MSN. You can use very well a shared hosting for a personal Web site, for a blog or for your forum. Also can host small business Web sites on shared accounts, and the list goes on.

Some times, when you run out the CPU usage or your websites loading time is higher, you will know, that it is the time to get a VPS hosting or a dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Web Hosting?

The best way to store video, picture, or online community Web sites is a dedicated hosting. You can also choose a dedicated server for an ecommerce Web site, depend on the traffic on your site.

Dedicated Hosting mean, that buying such a service, your site will be hosted on a high performance server, with a dedicated IP, and more uptime guarantee. These servers can run on Linux or Windows.



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